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The Policy Committee operates to ensure that the RPOS remains compliant to Election Laws, Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) charter and rules as well as following the RPOS rules and regulations. 

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Policy  researches issues and provides resolutions for the RPOS to consider adopting as positions for the RPOS.  Policy also assists in meeting management by serving as the authority for Robert's Rule of Order and meeting management. Let us know if volunteering for the Policy Committee sounds like a good fit for YOU!

  • Regular, Quarterly meetings, minimum. More often as needed and/or as directed by Chair and/or as set as Policy Committee Standing Rule.

  • Review of RPOF/RPOS Constitution/Standing Rules.

  • Produce properly-styled, well researched resolutions for the REC’s consideration.

  • Timely review of and recommendation on Resolutions offered by REC Members/Subcommittees/ Board.

  • Effective communication between Policy Committee members and all others concerned with Policy Committee activities.

  • All activities/products with an eye toward how they may further the effectiveness of meeting the goals of the RPOS/RPOF/RNC.


Policy Committee Chair: 

Bob Sission & Matt Soldano |

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