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A Message From the Chairman


Based on what we’ve seen from Washington, D.C. to our own School Board, it’s clear that 2020 was a critical election. And that is exactly what makes 2022 so essential, in returning parent rights to our schools, stopping the Nancy Pelosi rush to ruin America and ensuring Governor Ron DeSantis, the best Governor in
America, is re-elected.

Your RPOSC supports candidates who remember the Constitution and fight for American rights. The choice is stark. The GOP needs your vote. But we also need your help reaching both casual voters and those who are awakening.

How can you help? Make a contribution today – of your time as a volunteer and/or by making a financial donation. The Republican Party of Sarasota County has the plans, programs and infrastructure to succeed. But we need your
support to ensure victory.

- Jack Brill


Jack Brill

Acting Chairman