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It is important to have adequate financial resources to counter the well-funded Democrat opposition! The Finance Committee is headed by the Finance Chair working in conjunction with the Treasurer. The Finance Chair answers to the REC Chair. This committee develops budgets, pays operating costs and assists in fundraising to support all of the RPOS grass roots efforts. 

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  • ​Develop a two-year budget for RPOS expenses.

  • Utilize budget to help determine financial goals and will compare actual monthly and yearly expenses to budget to help measure financial success of the RPOS.

  • Work with Events Committee to create budgets for each special events to ensure prudent financial planning.

  • Develop a list of potential donors.

  • Develop presentations including two-year budget to help solicit funding from donors.

  • Contact and making presentations to donors.

  • Develop Financial guidelines for the RPOS, including spending authorization levels, use of credits cards, etc.

  • Develop service agreements and procedures that can be utilized for all independent contractors working with the RPOS.

  • Stay organized and file all documents to help reconcile financials as well as provide data for future treasurers/book keepers.


Finance Committee Chair: 

Chris Albright

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