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Members of the Communications Group work together to ensure content and communications are provided to Sarasota County Republicans timely and broadly.  It is vitally important that the RPOS be able to react and call volunteers to action when the election cycle heats up!

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The development of a sound strategy and well thought out communications plan is critical to our ability to enlist support when needed to help candidates and initiatives that need grass roots support. The communications plan for 2020 incorporates all of the modern day marketing elements including media and digital communications. 


  • Ensure that all communications platforms are functioning.

  • Document administrative privileges and access to digital communications.

  • Create list of volunteers for rapid call to action for events and letters.

  • Create standard procedures for rapidly assimilating new volunteers into activity.

  • Provide cross-platform integration of education, recruitment and other messaging efforts.

  • Promote the RPOS Brand consistently in all communications efforts.

  • Integrate the needs of other RPOS Committees and Clubs in communications activities.

  • Expand the communications platform as opportunities warrant.


Communications Committee Chair: 

Rod Thomson

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